Frequently asked questions

We have assembled a list of the most commonly asked questions about outdoor extension cord weatherproofing.

The two holes on the gasket appear to be the same size. Do they work for a cord which has one prong bigger than the other?

Yes, absolutely. The gaskets are made of a very squishy silicon-type material, and will accommodate any prong-size while maintaining a waterproof seal.

Since these prevent the cord from fully seating in the socket doesn't it pull out a lot easier or cause a fire hazard?

No. The gaskets are only about 2mm thick. When you push the two connectors together, it compresses down to about 1mm. It's a soft material so it seals really well and doesn't force the two connections apart.

They are shaped for a 3 prong plug. Will they work with a 2 prong plug?

Absolutely! When putting them on a 2 pronged gasket, you can install it and cut the protruding piece off or leave it on for other applications.

Can you use it with an outside wall outlet?

It's not recommended to use them on the wall outlet. Wall outlets have indentions that make them harder to seal. We recommend a cover to properly protect the wall outlet from water.

I'm thinking of using them for my Christmas lights. Are they reusable?

Yes. If you remove them from one application, just wash them off if they are dirty and you'll be good to go. The material is soft but also strong. One thing to keep in mind with Christmas lights is that the lights may also need to be for outdoor use. Otherwise, even though the connection is waterproof, they could still trip the GFCI if water gets into the lights themselves.

Can you use this item to weatherproof a three prong cord that is outside but currently not plugged in?

Yes. You just need to purchase the Seasonal Decor Weatherproof Kit.

Do these only fit extension cord connections or would they work on smaller plugs like those on a string of lights?

They will work on both 2 and 3 prong connection, like a string of Christmas lights. For best results, use weatherproof lights as well.